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The Precarious

Mano Cockrum: “From his first words to the audience at Denver’s 27 Social Centre, Shaky Molars lead singer Chuck Potashner has already charmed the crowd.” (read on)

Reverb Music – The Denver Post

Nic Turiciano: “The crowd was largest for the opening set from Denver’s Shaky Molars. Frontman Chuck Potashner weaved his way over and across the stage, making repeated and successful attempts to engage an audience that was more receptive to Shaky Molars than either of the night’s other two bands. ” (read on)

Concerted Effort

Peter Washington: “ their sound, song content, and live performance is centered around providing energy and humor to make for a fun and unique concert experience. ” (read on)

Reverb Music – The Denver Post

Cassandra Schoon: “Shaky Molars began the evening with songs that, taken together, sound like an indie-rock opera about Denver hipsters in love. ” (read on)

Concerted Effort

Peter Washington: “near bubble-gum pop sound – a vintage modern sound with touches of whimsy. ” (read on)

Colorado Daily

Ashley Dean: “The lead singer of Denver’s Shaky Molars — a band who describes their sound as wild, flirty pop — calls himself as more of a “lead flirter” than lead singer.” (read on)


Bree Davies: “sweet, stripped down love songs” (read on)

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Venues We’ve Performed At:

  • Bluebird Theater
  • HiDive
  • Larimer Lounge
  • Moe’s
  • Rhinoceropolis
  • Brass Tree Sessions
  • Astroland
  • Yellow Feather
  • Mercury Cafe
  • Quixotes
  • Molar House

Some Bands We’ve Performed With:

  • Mates of State
  • Jens Lekman
  • The Blow
  • Grouplove
  • David Dondero
  • The Show is the Rainbow